From 1793 onwards the spaces were home to an industrial settlement, in the specific a papal Forge, the major Umbrian factory at the time of the National Unity, having an extension equal to 12000 sq. m., and a workforce of approximatively 200 units. In 1905 the Forge closed, and from 1910 onwards the establishment is destined to engineering and chemical production mostly for the purpose of the war. In 1925, under the leadership of Luigi Casale, SIRI, the Italian Society for Industrial Research was born. SIRI operated in the production of synthetic ammonia and chemical products, as well as in the study and utilization of new industrial procedure in the fields of chemistry, physics, and mechanics. From 1945 onwards there is a gradual decrease of production and of the workforce until the establishment closed permanently in 1983. The Terni Municipality bought the ownership of the spaces of the ex SIRI in several stages between 1997 and 2002. The Municipality took over almost the entirety of the ex factory and, from 2009 onwards, thanks to a reclamation and retraining campaign, the ex spaces of the factory have housed CAOS, Centro Arti Opificio Siri, Art Center SIRI Factory.